Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How long, Gracious God;
how long, Shepherd of your flock?
When will you restore the life we once knew;
when will you let your face shine that we may be saved?
Let your hand be on those whose food has been their tears
those drunk with grief and loneliness and pain.
Strengthen for yourself those ridiculed by oppression and helplessness;
give life to those we have named on our lips and in our hearts,
give life to those we cannot name so that they may call upon your name
and never turn away from you;
in Jesus' name we pray. Amen

Jeff Shrowder 2000.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Some seem to be born with a nearly completed puzzle
And so it goes.
Souls going this way and that
Trying to assemble the myriad parts.

But know this. No one has within themselves
All the pieces to their puzzle.
Like before the days when they used to seal
jigsaw puzzles in cellophane. Insuring that
all the pieces were there.

Everyone carries with them at least one and probably
Many pieces to someone else's puzzle.
Sometimes they know it.
Sometimes they don't.

And when you present your piece
Which is worthless to you,
To another, whether you know it or not,
Whether they know it or not,
You are a messenger from the Most High.

in Honey from the Rock

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We always have been,
we always will be.

We are complete,
we are perfect.

We are completely fulfilled,
we are One.

We want to share this,
we want to extend ourself.
We want to give,
we want to Love.

We create.

The other is beautiful,
our love must keep growing.

What if we create something like unto us?

A reflection of us?

The water reflects us
all of creation reflects us in some way.

This will need to be more than mere reflection.
We will have to give more of ourself

We will have to give the Freedom.

There’s too much risk
they will turn away from us.

There is no Love without risk.

Our wholeness will be broken.

There is no Love without risk.

This will be the ultimate extension of our Love,
there can be no Love without it.

We will call them to return to us
and they won’t.

We will become like unto them
and bring them back.

It will sever us.

There is no Love without pain

We will be emptied.

There is no Love without sacrifice.

It is the natural extension of our Love.

We create.

The Word becomes flesh.

It is accomplished.