Thursday, October 13, 2022

 Love And Justice

Oh God of love and justice
Let Your Will be done

Verse 1
The politicians lie to lengthen their regime
The corporations buy souls for profit
The factories breathe acid
And leak into the stream
And every day the earth gets hotter who will stop it

Verse 2
Newscasters amuse
Distracting from the truth
The advertisers use sex for profit
Entertainers choose to seduce our youth
Life gets cheaper every day who will stop it

Verse 3
Terrorists plot violence
And governments do too
Scientists and engineers improve our kill power
Parents sit in silence not knowing what to do
Who will stir the dying embers of good will power

Verse 4
The churches pray for peace
But then they vote for war
The preachers preach for profit and twist our story
No wonder people don't believe anymore
They're waiting for good news of hope and glory

Verse 5
The human race is building a suicide machine
The people cheer and dance as gears are turning
When will we wake up from
This self-destructive scheme
So everything can change God's Kingdom coming

Brian McLaren
© 2007 Revolution of Hope Music Group (Admin. by Brian McLaren)