Thursday, August 05, 2021

'It is enough, Lord' (A prayer based on 1 Kings 19. 4-8)

We are tired, Lord.

Weary beyond thinking about it. Weary, over praying through it. So weary: worn of words,

no glimpse of glory,

so weary, we have had enough.


We’ve no idea the road ahead, we’ve not been this route before. No way is coming clear,

just… wilderness,

enough to lose ourselves.

And the only path we easily find, is the one of least resistance.


Yet there’s energy to run, and keep running, to avoid and evade,

to distract, and deny,

to turn and to tilt… away. Can we be found, even so?


When we get there – when it’s ‘enough’, and there’s nowhere to go but there,

and nothing to have, but what we receive: shelter us from the searing sun,

shield us from the scratching wind, save us from the time of trial.

Feed us this day, the bread for tomorrow crumbs to sustain us,

morsels of grace,

a few winks of sleep, drops of refreshment, just enough.

Even so.

-- Rev Dr Carolyn Kelly, University of Scotland


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